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Friday, June 15, 2012

Garden Update - There's ripe Tomatoes!

Summer is almost upon us and my garden is growing.   My parsley has sprouted and I have a few peppers and tomatoes already on the vine.  My melon vines are growing and I have my summer squash in the ground.  And I finally had a few sweetheart cherry tomatoes that ripened.  More should be ripening with the current heat spell, and I can hardly wait!  Freshly picked tomatoes cannot be compared to anything else.  The closest someone can get without gardening is a local farmer's market.  So juicy and sweet, unlike imported tomatoes that are picked green.  That's another reason why I really enjoy eating with what's in season.  For example, I just bought about 20 pounds of apricots at the farmer's market.  Freshly picked, these apricots are sweet and juicy, even my dogs love them.  I will probably can or jam some to savor apricots in the winter.  It's really just going back to the basics for me.


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