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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

DIY: How to unravel a sweater to re-purpose yarn

A short while back I gave you a sneak peek at my latest project: Unraveling a sweater.  I found a sweater in the back of my closest and decided that I could reuse the yarn for other projects and even use the buttons on something else.  This does not work for all sweaters because if the sweater is machine-knitted you will not have nice long strands of yarn.

Take a look at the stitch in the sweater and if you are not sure ask your local yarn shop.  If you try to unravel a machine-knitted sweater you will find out very quickly that you have a problem.

First you need a pair of scissors with small tips, ones that are often used in sewing.  Use these scissors to trim the seams that hold the pieces of the sweater together.  Look carefully, don't just cut with large scissors or you will encounter problems.  Find the seam, separate the seam to find each side of the two pieces sewn together and cut only the stitch you see running between holding the two pieces together.

Cut each of the seams, then you can start to unravel.  Or work in stages if you prefer.  Unraveling will take a bit of time, but it's great if you are watching your favorite show or you happen to take a bus/train to work.

Don't be surprised if occasionally a yarn breaks, but if you are careful this shouldn't happen (maybe only twice!).

Now I have this stack of yarn that I need to soak to straighten it then I can spin it into a ball for my intended project.

Here's the buttons I saved.

One seam cut - sweater is in two pieces

See the two pieces?

Sleeve seam

1 sleeve and the yarn from one side of the body

Here's the seam before separating and cutting

The other side of the sweater

Lots of yarn 

Here's all of the yarn

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