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Sunday, June 24, 2012

DIY Hair Dryer Bag: Version 1

Today's project is the last in my current sewing week of projects to get organized. In the same cabinet I have my curling iron, I have my hair dryer.  Again I did not want to have the cords tangled and figured I would make a case for the hair dryer which would double for travelling.  It's a bit late since I intended for this to be Friday's project, but that's life sometimes and I am now posting the pattern. 

I have two versions of this project: 1. with bias tape, 2. with a zipper.  Either version works well, it really depends on whether you want the storage bag to zip close or not.  I did both  versions because I had a little bias tape leftover from the curling iron project and I had a zipper already in my sewing cabinet that would work for my other hair dryer.  Tomorrow's post will be the same project but version 2 - with a zipper.

2 coordinating fabrics (1 outside fabric, 1 lining)
Fleece, Flannel or Old Mattress Cover for padding
Bias Tape (if using)
Matching thread

All seams 1/4 inch.


1. Measure length and width of hair dryer.  Add several inches to the measurements to ensure enough space for fitting the hair dryer in the bag.

2.  Measure and cut fabric and padding for project.  You will need 2 pieces of outside fabric, 2 lining and 2 padding.

3.  Iron if needed.

4.  Pin outside (right-side) fabric to one side of the padding and the lining fabric to the other.  Good side or print side facing away from the padding.  Repeat for the other piece.  
5.  Match print fabric (just like we did on the curling iron bag).  Then place outside (right-sides) together.  Lining fabric should be facing out on both sides.  Pin.

6.  Sew along one short edge, along the bottom and up the other short edge.

7.  Trim corners and pink along the 3 edges you just sewed.

8.  Turn right-side out.  Iron if desired.

9.  Attached bias tape to top.  Pin in place.

10.  Sew along the bias tape all the way around.  Sew along the two ends of bias tape (vertically) to keep in place.


Step 6 Finished

Step 7 - Pinked and trimmed edges

Step 9 - Pin bias tape around the top (open edge)

All finished!

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