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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

DIY Hair Dryer Bag - Version 2

I have finally finished it.  This was my first time sewing a zipper and is good practice before I start a few skirt patterns I have lined up to sew at some point.  I find that the zipper really works well for storing and travelling with a hair dryer, whereas version 1 (with bias tape) is great for storage and not-so-much when travelling.  Though it really is a personal choice which version works best for you.

2 coordinating fabrics (1 outside fabric, 1 lining)
Fleece, Flannel or Old Mattress Cover for padding
Matching thread

All seams 1/4 inch.


1. Measure length and width of hair dryer.  Add several inches to the measurements to ensure enough space for fitting the hair dryer in the bag.

2.  Measure and cut fabric and padding for project.  You will need 2 pieces of outside fabric, 2 lining and 2 padding.   Iron if needed.

3.  Once you have measured and cut your fabric you now need to decide which end you want to sew your zipper too.  Measure that side and that's the length of zipper you will need.

4.  Pin outside (right-side) fabric to one side of the padding and the lining fabric to the other.  Good side or print side facing away from the padding.  Repeat for the other piece.  

5.  Baste stitch all the way around.  Repeat for other piece.  This should prevent the fabrics and lining from shifting as you sew on the zipper.  Iron if needed.

6.  Lay zipper on table, place outside fabric (correct edge if one end is longer than the other side) on top of the zipper.  Make sure the fabric is on the far side (or opposite) of the zipper.  The lining should be facing you (not the zipper).  See photo below.

7.  Pin in place and sew the one edge.  Iron if needed open.  You should have a nice seam when you flip the fabric over the zipper.  See photo.

8.  Repeat steps 6 and 7 for the other side.  Sewing the fabric to the opposite side of the zipper.

9.  Place right sides (outside) fabric together.  Pin.  Start on one side of the zipper, sew down and sew bottom.

10.  Open zipper (un-zip).  Then sew the last side together.

11.  Trim any edges or corners, if needed.  Turn right-side out.

12.  Test and make sure the zipper will close.

13.  Remove baste stitches all the way around.

14.  Now you can store and travel with your hair dryer.

Baste stitch

Step 6

Another view of step 6

Step 8

Step 8 continuted

Finished step 8

Step 9

It's Finished!

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