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Friday, June 22, 2012

DIY: Up-cycled Dog Collar into Door Dog Bells

Ever end up with a broken clasp on a dog collar?  Well I did, but I liked the style of the collar, so I knew I needed to use the collar in another project.  The idea came about when I found that my dog would hit the blinds on the door to let me know she wanted out.  So I tried tying a few bells to the door handle to find out if she would hit the bells instead of the blinds, and sure enough she was smart enough to figure it out with very little practice.  On the other hand, my younger dog will not hit the blinds or the bells, so I do not recommend using this if your dog is scared of noises.  Test out some bells first before completing this project.    Once you complete the project you will end up with a creative, up-cycled door dog bells similar to Poochie Bells I've seen in dog catalogs.  No need for snaps or leather.  You may have all of the materials around your house right now.  All of my supplies were re-purposed from items I had in my cabinet.  This project is fairly simple, you can machine or hand sew the loop for the door handle. 

Note:  If you do not have a broken clasp on a collar you may want to rip out the stitching on both ends of the collar.  The pieces can be saved for other projects or replacing broken pieces on other collars.  If you rip out the stitching you will have to restitch both ends in this pattern, as I only stitched one end.

1 dog collar (I had a large collar)
2-3 medium size jingle bells
1 large key chain ring
matching thread
needle (if hand sewing)

1.  Remove both ends of the clasp from dog collar.  Break or cut off the plastic clasp on the end with the leash clip, leaving the stitching in tact.  Rip stitches out from the other end to remove the clasp piece.

2.  Attach 2-3 bells to key chain ring, then attach to the end of the dog collar where you left the stitches in tact.

3.  Measure, using the collar where you want to make the door handle loop on the collar.  Shorter for large dogs, longer for small dogs.

4.  Pin (if desired) and sew across the ends.  You may want to sew, back-stitch, and repeat in one spot.

5.  Repeat a step 4 a second time about 1/4-1/2 inch above previous stitch.  Cut off ends.

6.  Project is complete.  Hang on door handle.

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