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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bonus Sewing Project

With my sheet set I have used the flat sheet for a table leaf cover and the fitted sheet for two comforter bags.   Now I am left with two standard pillowcases.  What to do?  Sew them together!  And that's just what I did. The result was one long pillowcase which can be used for a body pillow, to store a table leaf or . . . anything you can imagine!

2 standard pillowcases (or cotton fabric)
matching thread
(other materials if necessary, ie. zipper)

All seams 1/4in


1.  Turn one pillowcase inside out and remove stitching from bottom (closed end) of pillowcase.

2.  If desired, remove stitching from the open end of the other pillowcase. (Optional step)

3.  With right sides together pull the first pillowcase (from step 1) with two open ends over the other pillowcase.  Make sure the bottom open end lines up with the top open end of the other pillowcase.  Match side seams and ends.

4.  Sew all the way around.

5.  Turn the inside out pillowcase, right-side out.  You are finished!

OR:  3.  Turn both inside out.  Match bottom open end of pillowcase from step 1 to the top open end of the other pillowcase and sew around.   Then turn right-side out. (This is another way to sew them together).

Standard pillowcase

Step 3

Closed end stitching removed

Match seams


Finished product

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