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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Tip of the Month: Knitting Terms in German

Earlier this year, in the Spring, I came across a knitting magazine - Filati  (click here to read about it) and found I really love these patterns.  Maybe it's my European roots, that I love these German designs.  Either way, I was a bit disappointed that two of the company's Feltro pattern books were not reprinted in English.  After finding a supplier that had these in stock, I decided to go ahead and order them in German.   Well, now I get to practice my German translation skills and decipher German knitting terms.  First I decided to look up knitting terms in German, then put the whole pattern into an online translator program (such a great tool!).

Here are some German Knitting Terms:
Purl: linke Masche; links stricken
Knit: stricken
Knitted: gestrickt
Cast On: anschlagen, aufschlagen
Gauge: gage messgerat

Now I can knit these adorable dog mats (bottom left):


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