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Friday, September 28, 2012

Knitting Patterns to Share

If you are like me, you are always adding to your collection of crochet or knitting patterns.  I already have a binder-full, but sometimes I find that certain patterns come in handy when you want to whip-up a cute little gift for someone.  Here a few of the patterns that I recently added as my favorites.  Just click on the links for the patterns and pictures.

I came across NobleKnits blog in my search of patterns and found that this is a very resourceful blog for knitters. Besides free patterns, there are knitting charities, a shop and knitting help, plus all of the fun blog posts.  Check out the new lace knit patterns that require only 1 skein of yarn!  Yes that's right one skein of yarn and 4 patterns.  What a find.

A Unicorn hat by Brittany Tyler is great for teens or as a Halloween costume.  The pictures on Stixyarn are great.

Cute Star Ornaments which are perfect for bowl fillers or ornaments on a tree.  Whip one up for a cute gift.

Cabled Leg warmers that are chic, yet remind me of the '80's!  Perfect for yoga in the cooler months.  Though I need to learn to cable before I can tackle this project.

Hooded Scarf that is also cabled, yet very stylish for the winter months.  I just recently came across her blog and there are many great projects there.

A Star baby blanket and Car booties which are cute baby shower gifts.

And finally a cute Heart Dishcloth so you can get ready for Valentine's Day early, though this makes a great gift for the holidays too.

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