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Saturday, October 6, 2012

On the Hook & Needle Project Update

Usually I only have one or two projects each for crochet and knitting in-the-works, but since I had taken a handful of classes in July at Anna's Yarn Shoppe, I have more than that.  Plus I started a few fall projects that I shared this week on the blog HERE.

Crochet: Frost Scarf

If you do not have the link for the pattern, check out my previous post HERE.  I worked several weeks on this project, only a few hours a day and I'm not quite done.  After awhile, I became bored with repeating the same row over and over again.  It really is an easy pattern if you know basic crochet stitches.  I did find that I would stitch looser or tighter at different times when I would work on this.  Though I think I can get away with this minor "problem" as the bottom is wider then the middle and I will be blocking it in the end.  I just have to be sure to make the bottom on the other side of the scarf wider then the middle.  This will give it a different effect than the pattern intended, but it also makes my scarf more unique - it is handmade after-all.

Knit: Winter Berries Wrap/Scarf

I really love the look of this pattern and the mock cabling.  You can read my previous post HERE.  Once I learned the new stitches in this pattern it was not a difficult pattern.  I found that the way it was written (having to go back and forth to look at the decorative pattern and the main pattern) made it more difficult than actually knitting it.  I must have knit the first 10-15 rows about 5 times!  By the time I started over a 6th time, I was able to continue in the pattern and I did manage to rip out my mistakes.  However, I usually had to rip out 4 rows to finally be able to start again in the pattern.  Not sure why I ended up having to rip out more than a row to fix a mistake in the previous row, but it was good practice in fixing my mistakes.  Now I am finishing the last part of the pattern, which is not descriptive enough for me (as a beginner knitter) to make sure I am making the correct decreases in the pattern.  Once I can figure this out, I have the final edging and it will be complete, before blocking.

You can see the mock cabling starting to develop

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