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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Have a Heart

In honor and celebration of Heart Health month I created little heart ornaments.  These also serve as a great Valentine's Day table center piece or other decoration for the holiday.

I used wooden hearts in various smallish sizes and drilled in holes with a Dremel.  The Dremel, I found, was easier than a normal drill for this project.  You can find wood heart ornaments or ones with holes at some craft stores.  Any colors of paint that work on wood of your choice and paintbrush.  For writing words or phrases I like the liquid gel pens in silver and gold, but any color or type of pen would work.

Some of the phrases I thought appropriate for these hearts included love, life, laugh, faith and family.  Happy Valentine's Day worked on the larger hearts, while small designs were best for the smallest hearts.

I arranged them with metals hooks instead of ribbons on a wire tree.  I even found a few crochet heart ornament patterns to the mix, but that will be another project on the list.   Just check out Raverly, Red Heart Yarn and Lion Brand Yarn for knit and crochet heart patterns.

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