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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Another yarn shop - Anna's Yarn Shoppe

So here's another (and one of my favorite's!) yarn shop and it's not because of the spelling of shop.  Anna's Yarn Shoppe in Elk Grove, California is the perfect, quaint yarn shop for the fellow crafter.  When I first arrived at the shop I found that there was so much to look at that I didn't know where to start.  The owner is awesome and very helpful.  And if you are in the area you will find a great group to sit with while you knit (or crochet) and chat.  It's such a great atmosphere that describing it does not do it justice.

There are plenty of classes and even events going on to keep the beginner or expert busy learning.  Check out the website, listed above, for a list of on-going classes.

And if you are looking for yarn, look no further.  There are so many choices you will spend hours deciding.  I really love the specialty yarns that are available to pick from.  But if you are not looking for those specialty (or "trophy yarns" as those at Anna's refer to them) you will find a rainbow of colors in different weights.  The yarns are arranged by weight which I find very useful when you know what weight you need for your pattern or project. 

If you need another reason to check out the shop and the website you don't need to look further.  Anna's offers complimentary ball winding in-store and online.  Now go find your projects so you can go shopping (you know you want more yarn for your stash)!

Happy yarn crafting.

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