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Monday, February 6, 2012

Tip of the Month: Make your clothes last

Wow, it's Monday again.    Have you even noticed there's an extra day on the calendar?  Can you believe it's Leap Year?

On to this month's tip on making your clothes last.  Hopefully this will be helpful.

1.  Buy clothes that are good quality and will last.  This does not mean they have to be name brand or expensive. 

2.  Consider buying clothes that are fashionable (not trendy fashion) that you can pair with other clothes to make many outfits.  "Classic" does not mean boring or old.

3.  Jeans and sweaters can be worn more than once before washing.  Some clothes can be worn more than once before you need (or should) throw them in the laundry.  The less washing of your clothes the longer lasting, especially good quality ones.

4.  Read the label and follow the directions for washing clothes.  This will help you avoid shrinkage and other problems that take life away from your clothes. 

5.  Considering washing your clothes in cold water.  Many clothes recommend cold water and this helps the life of your clothes and cut your energy cost.

6.  Line Dry your clothes instead of using the dryer.  Again this cuts down on electricity and helps the life of your clothes.

7.  Mend small tears and rips.  Or re-purpose ripped clothes into a new item.

8.  Make your own socks.  I read this in a magazine recently that said knitting or crocheting your own socks is better than store bought socks.  Supposedly, hand-knit socks last longer than store bought.  Haven't tried this but I have patterns and may have to consider making socks.

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