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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Learning to Knit

I have finally picked up a knitting book, yarn and knitting needles recently (that's partly why I haven't posted).  I spent some free time learning to cast on stitches, which was easy once I mastered it.  Then I took on learning the knit and purl stitch, which were challenging since it was all new. 

You can take a class, but there are plenty of other resources, such as videos online and knitting books, which I like.  A good resource book (or two) is important when learning a new craft.  I also find that sometimes one method or explanation may not be clear, you can consult another.  The books are also good references when needed.

Knitting is challenging, but if everything was easy we would all be knitting!

Here's a sample of some of my attempts (mistakes and all) of the knit and purl stitch.  This is not the stockinette stitch, which I am currently working with on a pattern.

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