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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Charles M. Schulz Museum & Snoopy

For all Snoopy and Peanuts & Gang fans this is the museum for you.  A whole building and grounds dedicated to Charles M. Schulz and his comic strip Peanuts.

Check out the website.  There are different events and exhibits going on as well as some permanent displays.  It is a hidden treasure in Santa Rosa and can be easily missed, but don't skip this attraction!

Tile Wall

Plan on spending a day as there is so much to see and enjoy, even some videos to watch in their theater.  If you are adventurous and have time head on over to the ice rink and give your ice skating skills a try.  And if you are looking for a place to take your kids or celebrate a birthday this is a great choice too.

On my visit I saw the "Level the Playing Field" Exhibit and found it very intriguing how Charles M. Schulz used current events to inspire his comic strip.  Now I understand why he had some of the girls playing sports.  And if you had questions the volunteers are very knowledgeable and helpful.

This is a gem and I enjoyed my day at the museum.  Be sure to check it out if you find yourself in Santa Rosa.  (You might be surprised to find out that Charles M. Schulz lived in the area and if you go to the museum you will learn why there's an ice rink next door!!)

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