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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Just a little taste of Italy

Much of my baking time in January I spent making and using Panettone.  Basically everything was made from scratch, including the candied citrus.

Citrus peel drying
My lemon tree is a bright burst of yellow this winter so I decided to use some of the lemon peels to make candied citrus peel.  The process is a bit time consuming, but so worth it in the end.  I followed the recipe in The Williams-Sonoma Baking Book cookbook (click here).
Citrus peel rolled in sugar

Once I finished the candied peel I could start making Panettone from scratch.  I decided I didn't want to buy the imported Panettone for a couple of reasons, one being that some brands have added chemicals/additives that I did not want.   If you find a good Panettone or a fresh baked one at a local bakery then don't feel guilty buying it.  Be warned that if you want to make it yourself you should have a day to do it as it is a timely process.  Again I followed the recipe in the same baking book and here's my final result . . .

And it was delicious!  Well worth my time and kind of fun to make.  I ended up with two loaves so I decided to use the second loaf to make a bread pudding using Giada's recipe (you could use Ina's but she calls for more eggs).  Either use the recipe with Amaretto sauce (click here) or with Cinnamon sauce (click here).  I decided to try the Cinnamon sauce.

Here's the process in pictures if you follow her recipe:
cubes of Panettone

Whisking the custard sauce

Soaking the cubes in the sauce

Fresh our of the oven

Reducing the sauce

Completed sauce ready for serving
Time to serve and Enjoy!  I would definitely make Panettone again.

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