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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Crochet Hats of All Kinds for Toddlers

Here is one of my promised posts on some crochet hats.  In particular are hats for babies and toddlers.

The first one is from a Drops Design that I modified using some yarn I had from another project and thought would be cute for this.

Be careful with the size on this Drops pattern.  I gave this as a gift for a little girl turning one and it was on the larger size, but that's better than being too small or tight.

The second one is a cap for a baby boys (but you could change the color and make if for girls).  This is a design of my own and I will hopefully posting the pattern for sale online soon.  The size would also work for dolls clothes, like Cabbage Patch.

The last one is a snow day hat for babies, but can also be used for dolls clothes.

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