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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

So Simple Beaded Earrings

I love beaded jewelry.  Some of my beaded pieces I bought on my travels and hold special memories, other pieces complete outfits, while others I made myself.  Today I am giving you a simple pattern to create an elegant beaded earring for yourself or as a gift.

Beading string
Earring hooks
2 color of beads of your choice
small needle (optional)


1. Decide the length of the loop for the earring you want.  This gives you the option of making them longer or shorter.  DO NOT cut the string yet.

2.  Start with the earring hook, tie one end of the string to the hook loop, then measure string to the length and add a few inches extra to tie off in the end.

3. Start stringing the beads.  You can use a small needle to sting the small beads as shown in the photo, or if you are using larger beads you can just string them straight onto the string.
Note:  if you are using 2 or more colors, decide your pattern as well.  I did the same number of red and clear beads in each section of the loop.

4.  Once you finish stringing the beads, tie the other end to the hook loop.  Use clear nail polish to seal the knots if desired.  Cut any ends of string at the knots.

5.  If giving as a give, you may tie at ribbon around the hooks and put in a gift bag or box.  Otherwise you can now wear your earrings!

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