Tip of the Week

Thursday, October 27, 2011

It's witching hour

Halloween is just around the corner and I have been asked so many times this month what my costume will be.  Here it is, at least in part.  My witch's hat in black, I also have one in purple for my Mother.

I am mastering my basic crochet technique and this is a great beginner or easy pattern for crocheting (Click here for the pattern).  And I have found that I LOVE felting yarn.  Try it once and you will see why I am in love with felting. 

Use can easily substitute other brands of wool yarn as I did.  Patrons classic wool and Lion Brand Fun Fur were my yarns of choice, mostly because they were easy to find.  Just remember to use 100% wool, Do Not use any Super Wash wools or other wool mixtures to felt.

So when it's witching hour, beware . . .


  1. Ohh... I love it! Witches are my favorite on Halloween. So happy to see you at Tangled Happy today! Thanks for your nice comment. If your a beginner crocheter that Simple Cowl would be perfect. Happy Friday! :)

  2. Thanks Sara. I enjoyed my witch's hat for Halloween. Great to hear from you.