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Saturday, October 15, 2011

It's Bath Time . . . For the dogs

I have two dogs, which I have not really mentioned thus far.  The eldest is an AKC registered German shepherd and my youngest is a rescue.  I love them both dearly, dogs do teach us unconditional love.  They each have their own personality and crack me up daily.  Have you ever seen a dog play with her food, and I am not talking about just bones?  Well my AKC does, she will throw her dental treats in the air, dance around it, growl or otherwise talk to it, before deciding to eat it.  It truly is a site to see, but I can never catch her with the camera, I think she's too smart sometimes!

Since I travel with them and they do like to be outside at times, I like to make sure they are clean.  Now there are plenty of great groomers, dog-washers and businesses offering these services.  In Nor. Cal.  I like the set-up at PetFoodExpress for washing dogs, but I have seen other private businesses and kennels too.  For me though, I am more hands-on and I don't always want to go for a drive to the pet store.  What does that mean you ask?  Well dog washing at home, my friend.

In the past I remember having to use a hose and tie the leash to the fence, so I could wash my dogs as a kid.  That worked, not always the easier task, but today things are different.  The best investment I would highly recommend is the Booster Bath.  Maybe you are tall like me and do not want to bend over to wash your dog, large or small.  The price pays for itself, especially if you wash your dog or dogs as many times as I do in a year.  There are accessories to go with it and you can find it on Costco.com.  If you have a little dog, there is the mini Booster Bath too, also on Costco.  This tub will save your back and from having to bend over, the perfect item to wash your dog.  I have even seen these same tubs used at Pet Expo events and by professionals. 

My second item you need to invest in to wash your dog is the shampoo.  Being "green" or eco-friendly, I have switched my own soap as well as my dog's shampoo to one's without chemicals.  My absolute favorite is Earthbath and I have found this at many different pet stores and online.  There are a few other brands that do not have harsh chemicals that are bad for your dog, but also bad for the environment.  So I stress that you read the ingredient labels and avoid all chemicals, synthetics and preservatives or other additives.  Buyer beware, I say.

Other items you should probably invest in are microfiber bath towels, there are special ones for your dogs if you prefer.  I found two sets in different colors, one for each of my dogs, on sale at different stores. 
Eventually, I would love to have the dog hair dryers, like they use at dog shows, that way I can wash my dogs more frequently during the winter and their fur would dry faster.

Once you have everything you need, it's bath time!  My dogs smell good and their fur is SUPER soft after I give them a bath.  And I stress super soft fur if you use Earthbath.  It doesn't take long to give both of my dogs their bath, I even hook the hose to the garage sink so that I can have warm water on cooler days.  I wouldn't want to hurt my dogs in any way. 

I do warn you that you should introduce your dog to the tub a few times, even let them get into it, before actually attempting to bathe them.  My youngest can be skittish around new things and I have learned that is the best way so you can avoid a fearful dog.

Well, before I leave you for the day, just remember the more you wash your dog, the less likely you will have flea problems or other issues that go undetected.  Love your dog and they will love you in return.

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