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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Begging for Cornbread

That's right, I made cornbread for dinner to go with a great Fagioli.  I love cornbread and have had several different kinds.  My ultimate favorite and the only cornbread I usually make now is Honey Cornbread.  Skip the boxed cornbread mix and buy cornmeal instead. You can find the recipe here.  The honey makes this cornbread delicious!!!  I have even substituted the sugar for more honey and it gives the cornbread a sweeter honey taste (and a bit of a stickier texture).  So why did I say begging for cornbread.  Well my dogs have noses, and I mean noses like Detection dogs trained to find drugs or other contraband.  And tonight they smelled my cornbread. 

Now I am not of the school of thought that "people food" or scrapes are bad for dogs.  There are many things dogs should not have for example grapes and alcohol, but there are plenty of things dogs can have.  I typically vary my dogs' food and treats.  This includes baked treats (I have a few dog cookbooks) and other "snacks".  So I see nothing wrong with a bite of cornbread being shared with my dogs.  I will say that there are dogs with corn allergies, so if you have a dog that is, then this is not to be shared with those dogs.  Both my dogs LOVED the cornbread, and the small piece they each got wasn't enough in their opinion because they sat at my feet drooling for more.  I won't give them very much mainly because too much corn upsets my youngest dog's stomach and there is little nutritional value in corn (or cornbread) for dogs.

Once my dogs realized that they were only going to have a bite of the cornbread they ate their dog food and now are contently sleeping at my feet, their bellies full.  This is such a great way to end a day.  A slight breeze outside on a crisp Autumn night and my dogs sleeping by my side.  They do teach us unconditional love.  May your evening be as peaceful as mine.

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