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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

It's Fall and that means Pumpkins!

Fall, here in California, means apples and pumpkins to me.  I love the delicious smells when baking and cooking with both ingredients.  Today though I want to talk about pumpkins, I'll save the apples for another day.

Most people think of pumpkin pie at their holiday table or carving Jack-O-Lanterns.  But there are so many more recipes you can cook with pumpkins.  I could spend hours going through all my recipes that involve pumpkins.  There are also so many decorative ideas that pumpkins can be used for, besides a carved pumpkin.

What does that mean, you ask?  Hand-blown glass pumpkins.  These are not your typical decorative pumpkins.  Don't get me wrong, I have the lighted grapevine pumpkins, as well as others both ceramic, fabric and other material types on display in my home.  But these hand-blown glass pumpkins are the most unique ones I have seen yet.

I made a day of it with my Mother and went to the art center event in the Bay area to see these hand-blown glass pumpkins.  I love most things made of hand-blown glass.  From my own travels, I have a Norwegian hand-blown dog, Venetian glass pendants and earrings and now Bay Area pumpkins!  If you don't have anything made of hand-blown glass, I would highly recommend finding a piece.  The price is worth it when you have a piece of art that is unique and will hold many memories of the trip or day.

Here's is a tiny preview of the pumpkins I saw.

Large or small in every color of the rainbow.  There were too many to choose from, but I finally found one that called to me.  I can say it is happily on display for the season.

Now I do have one more project that involves pumpkins.  And that involves carving pumpkins, not real pumpkins, but the craft pumpkins you can buy at a local craft store.  I found that carving pumpkins each year as a kid is great fun, but now it's kind of a waste of a good pumpkin.  There are two patterns in particular that inspired me, a German Shepherd dog and stars.  Last season I found a magazine that featured patterns of various dog breeds that you can use to carve pumpkins.  The German Shepherd is quite intricate and I expect it will take me a while to carve just one pumpkin.  The second was a picture of stars in different sizes carved around an entire pumpkin.  Eureka!  I knew that I wanted to carve a few craft pumpkins with these designs to light up on display in my house for the holiday.  This season I think I will be able to get to the project, since I bought the craft pumpkins on clearance last year.  (just another way to save money).  So stay tuned for that project!

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