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Friday, October 28, 2011

Paris, oh Paris

I found some great Normandy Brie cheese today at Whole Foods Market.  Specially imported from Normandy, France.  I found that it was hard to resist, since it was on sale, so I treated myself to a slice.  Not sure yet how I want to serve it . . . maybe baked in a pastry or with some of my preserves and crackers.  Choices, choices . .  hmm. 

Either way, I will enjoy my brie with thoughts of Paris in my mind.  I've actually travelled to France two times and I love buying a simple crepe while wandering the city or picking up local baked bread, cheese and other fresh toppings (even a bottle of wine).  The simple delight of great food and cultural experiences are some of the joys in travelling.  I highly recommend travelling to France, be sure to learn a few French words and don't worry if you are single traveller.  The experience is definitely worth the time and money.  Hopefully I can go back to Paris in the near future and enjoy the culture again in a different season.

Here's a few of my photos from Paris in the summer.


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