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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

On the needles: Winter Berries Scarf/Wrap

This pattern was introduced in one of my knitting classes and is my current (among other) projects I have started in preparation for Christmas.  At first I thought the pattern would be very complicated, but in reality the stitches are easy, it just a matter of reading the pattern and making sure you have enough repeats of the "decorative" pattern stitch. And there is no cabling in this, it is a "mock" cable the way the stitches are made. Check out the blog for this pattern and more by Marjorie D. 

You can follow my progress or add it to your projects list on Raverly.  For the ruffles I plan on using a nice glitter/sparkle yarn in combination with my main yarn to add some sparkle to the pattern.  Pictures will follow as I progress in the project.

And if you are a beginner knitter, as I am, don't be afraid or intimated by these type of projects.  It is possible to work on intricate patterns, just take your time.  Happy knitting!

Winter Berries by Marjorie D. 

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