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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Out-of-Control Yarn

At the moment, I have been taking a break from my crochet and knit projects so I can complete a few sewing projects (as well as living life to it's fullest).  My knitting needle and crochet hook cases are almost complete and I have a bag that I am starting.  I will post those soon. 

In my absence from my yarn projects, I did discover an interesting blog post that I thought I should share.  Especially for those (like me) who have a yarn stash.  Maybe you don't know how to organize it or store it.  Check out Hugs for Your Head .  I really found her post about controlling your yarn stash to be very useful and insightful.

For my yarn stash I have an idea on how I am going to sort and organize it.  My yarn has outgrown the basket I was using, so I am creating some fabric bins and using a bookcase to store it.  Once I have finished this project I will share, but at this point it is an idea.

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