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Monday, April 23, 2012

My garden is growing

With the storms past, Northern California was hit with a bit of a heat wave, with temperatures hitting the 90's in some places.  Personally I wasn't ready for such hot temperatures so early, but it does wonders for my garden. Now the temperatures are cooling and the spring breezes are back.  Whew . . . summer can wait a little bit longer.  My irises are in full bloom with only two of them not blooming; my azaleas are also in full bloom, and the rest of my garden is growing.  Take a peak at my garden (a work in progress at the moment).
Green bean 2 weeks after starting from seeds

Left to Right: Green bean 3 weeks, rosemary, cucumber

Tomatillo (a new addition) already in bloom

Lemon Balm - Will be great to add to my drinks this summer

Black Beauty Eggplant


First harvest of Swiss chard

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