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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Let's Start Knitting . . . my first completed project

A few months back I took on the challenge of learning to knit.  Mistakes were inevitable, but I did manage, after starting the whole project over twice, to finally complete a pattern.  I tried the Russian Hat pattern from Red Heart.  The yarn for the project has been discontinued, so I substituted another bulky yarn.  My end result was a nice knit hat, lacking the uniqueness of the pictured Russian Hat in the pattern.  Take a look at the above link and you will see what I mean.  After looking at it and before cutting the yarn, I decided that I did not like the way it turned out.  I really liked the pictured hat and will have to find a similar pattern or a better substitute yarn.  So, it was good practice on my knit and purl rows, though very frustrating having to rip out all the rows. 

If it was easy to learn then we would all be knitting (or crocheting).

On to the next project . . .

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  1. Awesome! I'm still working on the basic stitched but... I'm think I will be a pro very soon. Lol... This looks great! Wishing you a very happy Easter weekend Stephanie. :)