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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Eco-Friendly Easter Baskets and Gifts

Weren't opening Easter baskets fun as a kid?  All wrapped in cellophane with plastic Easter grass.  Okay, the treats were the best part, but most Easter baskets are wrapped in all of that plastic.  I remember my Mom reused the baskets and wrappings each year, and since I am going "green", I figure I might as well reuse Easter grass too.  So I don't recommend going out and buying new plastic Easter grass, but if you are going to buy some for the bottom of your Easter basket try the paper version.

For my dog's Easter basket, I used the paper Easter grass I found in my gift-wrapping storage box, which you can't see in the photo.  Then added a few stuffed rabbits, squeaky balls and a few other chew toys.  If you have little dogs, choose a smaller basket to put their toys or treats in.  My dogs seem to know these are meant for them and I have to keep it out of their reach, otherwise they just take the toys out of the basket.

Since I don't have kids, I'm not worried about making fun Easter baskets for little ones to enjoy.  Though I think the baskets from Pottery Barn Kids are adorable.  Click here and here for the photos I posted on Pinterest.  I also like regular baskets with basket liners for Easter.  If you don't have Easter basket supplies, I recommend getting a good quality basket or fabric/felt basket that can be reused.  You could knit or crochet one as well.  Then the fun part is picking out (or making) the gifts to include in the basket.  Chocolate is always a good choice, at least I think so. Stickers, coloring books, craft supplies and stuffed toys are always great choices too.  For other eco-friendly choices, I found a great post on Eco Child's Play, click here.  Whatever you choose for you Easter basket, have fun!  Easter is about sharing love and joy.

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