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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Garden Update

I finally have all my vegetables planted and only have three more that I am starting from seed.  Most of my seeds have been successful, though I had to replant my straight-neck squash, sugar pumpkin and Japanese eggplant.

Lemon Balm

And my herbs are looking good!  I added lemon balm and dill this year.  The dill should be great for making my own dill pickles once I have cucumbers on my pickling cucumber plant.

Basil seedlings

If any of you have ever watched an episode of Mythbusters, maybe you have seen the experiment that showed playing heavy metal music to peas produced taller plants and more peas.  Guess this shows that "talking" to your plants might have an effect and I am seriously considering trying this experiment with my tomatoes.  Though I am very excited to see some small tomatoes on my Sweetheart tomato plant as well as some peppers.  The heat this week should be great for my plants, even though my dogs and I am not entirely enjoying it.
Fresno Chile
Green Bell Pepper

Sweetheart Cherry Tomato

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  1. Your growing season is so far ahead of ours! Looking good!