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Monday, March 19, 2012

Searching for Ancestors

One interest I have and really haven't blogged about is genealogy, also referred to as family history.  In today's society we sometimes lose our family history and I think it is important for each of us to know where we came from.  What's even more important is our family's medical history.  Do you know what conditions run in your family?  Heart Disease, Cancer, etc.  There are so many conditions that have a genetic link or increased risk.  Remember those medical history forms you complete at the doctor's office, well it helps to know more than just your parents or even grandparents' history.

On a recent trip, I went searching at the Napa County Historical Society.  The staff was very friendly and helpful at the Historical Society.  Check out their online catalogue from their website if you are searching for your ancestors.
When you get started with your own family history, you will usually end up having to go past records you can find on Ancestry.com or Familysearch.org  Which means you need to go to genealogical societies, historical societies, county records, archives and so much more.  And the Napa Historical Society is a great resource for those with roots in Napa.  Don't forget the Napa Library, Napa Genealogical Society and the County Recorder for records in Napa. 

And if you don't mind visiting cemeteries looking for your ancestors, check out Tulocay Cemetery.  General Vallejo's brother, Salvador is buried there.

Good luck on your search and if you need help I am here to help you. 

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