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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Making Veggie Sushi

Ever wonder how difficult making sushi is?  Well, it's really not that difficult or expensive, unless you want raw fish.  I have nothing against raw fish, I've even had some awesome ahi tuna, but I decided I would make veggie avocado sushi instead.

The main ingredients and supplies you will need are:
1 bamboo sushi rolling mat
Rice vinegar
Sushi rice (I love Lundberg because it is organic and non-GMO)
Tamari Soy Sauce (it's gluten free)
Nori Seaweed sheets

For the filling I used avocados with a little fresh lime or lemon juice to prevent the avocados from oxidizing.  You could easily substitute cucumbers or asparagus for other veggie sushi rolls.

Follow the recipe for making sushi rice on the package from Lundberg which makes enough rice for 4-5 sushi rolls.  I halved it to make 2 sushi rolls.

Step 1:  Toast seaweed, if it's not toasted then place on bamboo sheet
Step 2:  Place large spoonful of rice and spread on seaweed to create an even layer.
Step 3: Place filling off-center, be sure to not add too much otherwise you will have trouble rolling the sushi.
Step 4: Roll sushi, let chill briefly in the fridge and then slice with a serrated knife.

Time to enjoy!  Serve a little Tamari soy sauce or wasabi on the side. Add a shot of Saki and you have a great dinner.

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