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Monday, March 12, 2012

March's Tip of the Month: Vinegar

In my effort to remove harsh chemicals and pesticides from my life I have read many different articles on alternatives products.  My favorite alternative, which is also inexpensive is Vinegar.  You can replace Bleach, other cleaning products and your weed spray with Vinegar.

Here are just a few uses of Vinegar:

- Spray weeds with Vinegar
- Add baking soda to vinegar in your toilet.  Let set for 20 minutes and then scrub.
- Add vinegar to toilet water and let stand overnight
- Replace bleach with vinegar and run a clean cycle on your washing machine
- Wash your dog blankets, beds or plush toys with vinegar

These are just a few of the uses I have found work well by using Vinegar.  Try them out and see what your results are.  I was very impressed with the baking soda and vinegar for cleaning toilets.  So many uses and works better than all those harsh chemicals, plus I'm not polluting our water system or my environment. 

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