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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Re-Purposing Glass Jars

I am always looking for ways to recycle or re-purpose.  Here's one item that can be used in many ways; Glass Jars.

What can you do with glass jars?  Any glass jar - used spice jars, candle jars, canning jars, etc. will work.  I usually soak the labels to loosen those that are stubborn to remove.  With candle jars I use a candle warmer to melt any remaining wax (which I then pour into a smaller glass votive with a new wick).  And I usually hand wash or put in the dishwasher to clean the glass jar.

Now you have your glass jar ready for projects.  Have a messy desk? Can't find those rubber bands or paper clips?  Organize them into glass jars.  You can even paint and label the jars if you are creatively inclined to.

What do you do with used spice jars (not the plastic ones)?  Clean them up and then you can use them to store your own dried herbs, other spices, spice mixes or rubs and any other small craft item (like beads).

I also use jars for storing my rice, grains, beans, nuts and other baking supplies.  Being able to see the item and having it labeled makes it so much easier to find  in my pantry.  I love the rustic look too.  These jars look great and do not cost very much.  You will also save money by buying the dry beans instead of canned beans and avoid BPA in canned foods.  These make great gift ideas as well.  Measure ingredients for cookies, brownies, hot cocoa into the jars, seal, add a nice cut fabric or a ribbon and a label.  Now you have a great gift item straight from your kitchen to theirs.
Now let's organize the bathroom with your glass jars.  Store your band aids, Q-tips, cotton balls and any thing else you would like.  If you have a beach/ocean theme decor you can hot-glue a seashell to the top.  I even display some seashells that I found and collected as a child.  Very simple decor that also is unique and memorable.

Need some other ideas for your glass jars? 
- glass pebbles
- needles
- beads
- toothpicks
- buttons
- bath salts
- birthday candles
- bookmarks
- paint brushes
- nails, nut, bolts, etc.

I would love for you to share your idea.  Photos are even better.  So what do you do with your glass jars?

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