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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Is this a World Record Cucumber?

The other day I went out to water my garden and pick my ripe vegetables.  To my surprise I found an Armenian cucumber hidden behind another vegetable plant.  I kept lifting it out of it's hiding spot and it was HUGE!  This cucumber didn't even want to detach from the plant vines.  Now I did not use chemicals or non-organic fertilizers and this plant was started from seed.  Check out my past posts on my garden this year, HERE, HERE, and HERE.  So why did this particular cucumber end up growing so large?  That is a question I cannot answer completely.  I know there are several other Armenian cucumbers growing on this plant and the vines on it have really spread this year.  My record setting (at least in my garden) cucumber is just under 20 inches long and 13 inches around.  Now that I have shared this with you, I need to decide what to make with this . . .

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