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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Tip of the Month:Survive the Summer Cold or Allergies

The end of the summer seems to be marked by everyone around me contracting a summer cold virus or sneezing away because of allergies.  I try to avoid using over-the-counter medications for colds or allergies, and personally find that these do not help me.  Here are some of my tips for staying healthy, getting through your allergies and a cold.

1. Wash your hands!  Simple tip, but surprisingly something that is under-utilized.

2.  Don't touch your mouth, eyes or nose with your hands.  (unless you just washed your hands).  You can easily pick up a virus or spread germs by touching these parts of your face.

3.  Cover your mouth if you cough or sneeze.  Common knowledge, though the last time I was sick was because of someone walking down a hall and sneezed without covering their mouth.

4.  Wash your nose with a Neti-pot.  Until recently I didn't know about the Neti-pot.  After my physician recommending it, I use it frequently throughout the year, more often if I have a cold or have been around those you have.  I also find that if I am starting to get sinus pressure which causes a headache that washing my nose with the Neti-pot relieves the pressure. Caution:  Be sure to read the directions, and use distilled water.  Speak to a physician or pharmacist if you have questions.

5. Try a cup of Nettle tea if you suffer from allergies.  After reading some research and trying Nettle tea, I find that it does help with my allergies.  If you are already feeling the effects of your allergies it may take a few days of having a cup of tea to see any benefit.  You can use packaged Nettle tea bags, but I prefer loose  Nettle leaves.

6.  Sooth your throat with some honey.  Try a small teaspoon or add it to your tea.  I recently tried this since my throat was feeling a bit scratchy and it helps!

7.  Have a cup of organic chicken broth or organic chicken noodle soup.  Researchers may not understand why this works if you are suffering from a cold, but it seems to help.

8.  Take a multi-vitamin with Vitamin C to boost your immunity.  Or try a Wellness Vitamin/Herb formula.  Caution:  Follow directions on the package and take the recommended dose.

Finally, if you are feeling sick, be sure to get enough rest.  The more you let your body rest, the faster the recovery. Stay Healthy!

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