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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Stop the Super Bowl Ad Promoting Dog Racing

Today is my first time blogging for the Blog the Change for Animals.  I think this is a great idea and there are so many causes I could support and blog about.  I myself try to support or donate to local shelters and animal rescue groups.  Even my youngest dog is a rescue dog and she is the sweetest little character you could only hope to adopt.

My cause for this blog is the Super Bowl Ad that Sketchers is going to release, unless we stop them, that involves Greyhound Dog Racing.  This is a very cruel sport and the dogs are mistreated (to say the least).  The sport in general should be banned, but we as a society should not be promoting dog racing or animal cruelty in any form.

Please sign the petition and ask your friends to sign the petition.  We have the power to tell Sketchers, NBC and Mr. Cuban not to air this ad.  Click here for the link to sign the petition.

You can also adopt Greyhounds that are abandoned after their racing days are over.   Let's support our local animal shelters, volunteers, rescue groups and owners to stop animal cruelty.

Don't forget you can join in on the Blog the Change for Animals in April, July and October.


  1. Welcome to Blog the Change for Animals, we're so glad you've joined! This insane Sketchers ad you speak of really makes no sense, and could only cause more harm than good. The petition is an excellent cause, I hope everyone learns of it - and signs it. Sometimes great change can occur through public pressure!

    Thank you for blogging and being the change for animals!
    Kim Thomas
    CindyLu's Muse

  2. Thank you for joining Blog the Change for Animals - you've chosen a great cause! The way these poor dogs are treated is disgusting - kept in small cages and fed meat that isn't fit for consumption. So many of racing dogs are injured each year, and once they are "retired", they are abandoned or euthanized. Is this really a sport that Sketchers or NBC wants to be associated with?

  3. Welcome! And thank you for bringing attention to the Greyhounds that Sketchers intends to exploit! I've put this petition in the queue for our writers to choose from. Regardless, this will be shared on Facebook and Twitter.

    All the best,
    Kim C.