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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas in Wine Country

There are so many places and events in both Napa and Sonoma County during the holidays.  This Christmas we decided to attend the Napa B&B Holiday Tour, which features local B&B's, artists/musicians, restaurants/chefs, and wineries/breweries.  It is worth the money to attend and have a taste of local foods and drinks as well as touring each B&B.  The money from the tickets go to local charities which I think is a great idea.

I loved the decorations and entertainment at each B&B, some B&B owners even told you about some of the history of their building.  You couldn't get any better. 

The food was delicious as well as the different tastings of wine and beer.  I loved being able to sample the wines and find out which ones you liked (or least liked in some cases).  Even the two breweries were great.  Artisan or local breweries (depending on who you talk to) are the best!  No huge commercial beers in cans here, please.  And don't worry about driving, there are buses to transport you to the B&B's that are too far apart to walk and the rest are within walking distance.   Everybody was friendly, helpful if you had questions and just a pleasure to meet.

 The stain glass in many of the B&B's was stunning, but then I love stain glass windows. 

Next time you are looking for something to do around the holidays take a look at the events locally or other areas and find something new to try.  If you decide to try this tour please click here for details.

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