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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Food Waste

Today's post was really inspired by the special on the Food network Sunday night.  "The Big Waste" premiered, but if you missed it you can find the episode replaying this month.  I would highly recommend seeing if, even if you "think" you know how much our food industry wastes.  Think about it.  Do you throw out the bruised or overripe/black bananas?  If so try mashing them and baking banana nut bread or muffins.  The options are endless as you see what the Chefs are able to do.

I think we each know that there is food waste in our country, but the actual extent of what and how much is wasted will shock you.  Why schools can't donate left over food to food banks, shelters or other non-profit organizations astounds me!  The taxpayers are already footing the bill for school lunch programs, why waste the food?  If you don't know what I am talking about you should look up Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution.  He really strives for healthy food and created some changes in the LAUSD food program.  It was amazing what he was able to do.

Our education system is really failing our kids in many areas and we are falling behind as a nation in many fields.  Kids today don't know where food comes from?  Do you?  If you haven't tried to grow anything, not just a fruit or vegetable plant, maybe you should.  Maybe we need to have our kids learn to grow food.

It all comes down to learning to use our resources to the max and not falling for "consumerism".  Even in commercial and print ads for food companies.  Don't forget the marketing of products as "natural" or "eco-friendly" that are really not.

As I always say, consumer beware.  Educate yourself and you can make a difference. 

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