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Friday, January 6, 2012

Satsuma Love

I LOVE citrus, well most citrus fruits.  Last year I discovered a new mandarin that I hadn't tried and I fell in love.  Satsuma Mandarins.  If you love the cuties you find in most stores around California, then you will Love these satsuma mandarins.

Some of you might be skeptical, but I find any citrus fruit is best fresh from the tree.  Not the citrus that has been transported for days and sat in stores for days (not to mention the chemicals used to process and clean the fruit).  The next best is organic, local citrus at the grocery store.  But if you really want the best experience, order online direct from a Citrus farm.

I get some satsuma's in my Farm Fresh to You boxes, but you can order just satsumas from many farmers here in Northern California.  Now you might wonder, citrus growers in Northern California?  But I thought they grow citrus in Southern California.  And that's true.  But there are always exceptions to the rule and you can grow citrus here in Northern California.  I have some of my own citrus trees, but my satsuma is just a baby yet.  You can even attend the satsuma mandarin festival, which I would really like to check out one of these days.  Click here for information on the festival and the farmers you can order from.

My box of satsuma's came in just before Christmas.

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