Tip of the Week

Monday, December 5, 2011

December Already?

Can you really believe it's December already?  I've been super busy since Thanksgiving and I'm hoping things will settle down soon.  So be prepared to see more posts of the projects I have been working on.

I have mentioned crochet hats several times, and I will finally get the pictures posted.  And I already have new crochet projects in the works.  Now I have been working on some sewing and those will be up soon too.

If you are looking for gardening and cooking ideas, tips and such I have those too to post.  Especially since I have a ton of green tomatoes!!

Finally, I have some new reviews of some recent outings to share with you.  I'm always looking for new traveling ideas.

So much to post and so little time at the moment.  Stay warm out there, it's been freezing temperatures this week here in Northern California.


  1. I love the cute gingerbread man. Excited about your cooking posts.



  2. Thanks! The Gingerbread is my dog's favorite toy from Planet Dog. And I have several recipes to share soon.