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Monday, August 27, 2012

Must-Have sewing supplies

I learned to sew and cut fabric with the typical sewing scissors, but in the last few years as I have taken up sewing again I found that the scissors are cumbersome.  It doesn't matter if the projects are small or large, using the scissors is not the most convenient cutting tool.  I decided that I would invest in a rotary cutter, which will also be useful if I decide to make any quilts.   Luckily Joann's had the rotary cutters and mats on sale for 60% several months ago, so it was meant to be.

I have used the rotary cutter for all my sewing projects this year and have been extremely happy with it.  Cutting through fabric, fleece and other thicker materials is a breeze.  The Fiskars cutting mat and ruler are great tools to use with it and my thumb doesn't hurt after cutting all the fabric!  Oh, and you can cut straight lines very easily, no eye-balling it.  My next big project is my knitting and crochet tote bag, but that's on hold while my sewing machine is serviced.  I would recommend investing in a rotary cutter if you are a avid sewer or quilter.

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