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Monday, September 26, 2011

Crochet Baby gift

Do you remember any crafts your grandmother used to work on?  I know I can . . .

Now my grandmother used to do more knitting then crocheting, but I had an interest in it when I was a child.  But I never really found any truly inspiring crochet or even knitting patterns then (which really wasn't that long ago).  As a result, I gave up on crocheting.  I also did not have a great teacher (if my grandmother had been alive she would have been a great teacher).

Back to the present, I have started crocheting again.  I refreshed what I had forgotten on the basics of crocheting and started a beginner pattern.   My Aunt really inspired me to give crocheting another try.  All the fantastic yarns; colors, quality, material content . . . and so much more.  Even the new patterns were so much more appealing to me.  And there are plenty of free patterns from yarn company websites that are appealing.

I picked a beginner project and a baby gift at that for my sweet neighbors who just had a baby girl.  I first tried the baby hat since I wanted to progress to adult hats for myself and my family/friends.  Now, I will admit that it took me several tries before I finally got it down pat.  Reading the pattern, I find can be tricky, more so than learning the crochet stitches.  Once I finished the hat, I tried the baby booties pattern and that was easier and I was able to complete both after only ripping out the stitches once before I understood the pattern.

I added a little photo brag book and I had a cute, yet simple homemade gift.

Maybe I will try a baby sweater, toy or blanket for my next baby shower gift . . . until then I have my other crochet projects in the works and will share those as I complete them. 

Hopefully you will be inspired to try something (even crocheting) to make some homemade!

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