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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Victory Gardens . . .

Maybe you remember studying about World War II and all the efforts that the US Government asked people to do to support the war.  One I don't remember studying was Victory Gardens, also referred to as Liberty or Patriot Gardens.  Basically, the US Government encouraged people to plant vegetable gardens in any unused land space they could use.  Millions of Americans did and statistics I read said about 40% of all vegetables grown during the war were from this Victory Gardens.

I personally love this idea and I really think that we could benefit from Liberty Gardens again.  In this economy, Victory Gardens would help so many Americans struggling to feed families.  Get the kids involved with gardening and growing plants.  Gardening is educational and I believe it is important for kids to see first hand where food comes from.

I grow my own vegetables, most in pots since I have a small gardening space.  The three key factors I find important for successful vegetables in pots are pot size, soil, and sun location.  For example, I have my tomatoes growing in large pots with moisture control soil in my front patio.  The front faces south, plus the front patio acts as a greenhouse with heat radiating from the house walls.  If you are still having doubts about growing vegetables, just start small and as you become more successful branch out. 

You will be surprised with the rewards of your own garden.  Tomatoes picked fresh from the vine, smell like tomatoes (you just have to smell one to understand) and are sweet and juicy.  Nothing like ones at the grocery store.  Now ones at farmer's markets will be the best substitute for fresh, home grown tomatoes.

Give it a try . . . maybe plant some vegetables or fruit trees in your yard . . . put up a Liberty garden sign

Tomato plant

                                                             Fresno Chili Pepper plant

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